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The focus of this competition is to show that microscopic images often not only have scientific value but also an artistic value, the images will be judged on their visual effect.
Any microscope image can participate in the competition. We have two categories: Fluorescence images and Electron microscopy images.

zeiss logoThe first price will be 200 euro provided by Carl Zeiss b.v. and a printout of your image to hang on the wall provided by pArt of Science.





A few rules apply:

  • One image per person can be submitted.
  • Mild processing is allowed.
  • The image must be made with equipment present in Utrecht.
  • Images submitted for this contest might be used for artistic purposes

Image format: JPEG
Deadline: October 13th, 2017

How to participate: send your image together with an artistic title, name of the machine that was used and a short scientific description to:



prizeUtrecht Microscopy Image Contest 2017

Livio Kleij
Ilya Grigoriev
Anko de Graaff
Corlinda ten Brink
Dave van den Heuvel