Image contest 2017 – The winners!

Light microscopy

FM15Danielle van Rossum, UMC

The artistic name of the image: The neuronal galaxy

Description: The picture originates funnily enough from a failed experiment where I tried to culture single cell cortical mouse neurons in vitro. The single cell part didn’t turn out so well and resulted in a clump of neurons together forming a complex network. This ‘network’ combined with fluorescent imaging resulted in what I call a “neural galaxy” phenotype as it reminds me of the complexity, beauty and mystery of the galaxy with a touch of Star Wars lightsaber effect.

Microscope: Zeiss LSM 880 confocal


FM16Simone Kersten, UMC

Artistic title: Luminosity

Description: A two-dimensional representation of a three-dimensional small intestinal mouse crypt, based on a simple temporary depth colour coding of a nuclear staining (Dapi). This ultimately results in a magnificent and colorful image that evokes our curiosity and imagination.

Microscope: Leica TSC SP8 X confocal microscope

FM07Lars-Eric Fielmich, UU

Artistic title: Psychadelegans

Scientific description: PH-eGFP marks all the cell-membranes in a Caenorhabditis elegans larva.

Microscope: Spinning Disc microscope

Electron microscopy

EM02Suzanne van Dijk, UMC

Artistic title: Bubble Wave

Microscope: FEI Tecnai 12

Scientific description: Cross sections of cilia in mouse trachea.


EM04Cilia de Heus, UMC

Artistic title: Evil mitochondria eye

Microscope: Jeol1010

Scientific description: Mice liver with WASH_KO; It is a mitochondria with a lipid droplet

EM05Ann De Mazière, UMC

Artistic title: Good Morning Starshine!

Microscope: Jeol 1010

Scientific description: It shows a cross-section of the basal body of a primary cilium in the centrosome of a mammalian cell. Radiating from this basal body, the basal feet with attached microtubules are visible.