2013 Seasonal Utrecht Microscopy Meeting

Winter meeting (January 22)

  • Hans Gerritsen (Utrecht University) “Overview and insights in the Molecular Biophysics lab. Learn more about advanced microscopy techniques: Multiphoton, FRET, FLIM, FCS and TRIF”
  • Roman Koning (Leiden University Medical Center) “Cryo-CLEM: correlating light microscopy with cryo electron tomography on cellular systems”

Spring Meeting (May 14)

  • Ben Giepmans (Groningen University) “Bridging microscopy & Islets of Langerhans under attack”
  • Lukas Kapitein (Utrecht University) “Life without Fluorescence: DIC and phase contrast imaging”
  • Joanne Whetstone (PhaseFocus company) “Innovation-Flash: The Phase Focus Virtual Lens® – for Lensless Quantitative Microscopy”

Summer Meeting (September 3) Focus on: Image Analysis Software workshop

  • Vincent Schoonderwoert (Huygens) SVI software
  • James Hutt (Perkin Elmer) Volocity software
  • Georgia Golfis (Bitplane) Imaris software
  • Ihor Small & Eugeni Katrukha (UU & Erasmus) ImageJ software

Autumn Meeting (November 19)

  • Anko de Graaff (Hubrecht institute) “The history of microscopy”
  • Erik Meijering (Erasmus University Medical Center) “Automated Particle Tracking: Methods and Challenges”