2017 Seasonal Utrecht Microscopy Meeting

Spring Meeting: Tuesday May 16th

  • David de Wied building room M2.01, 15.00-17.00 , drinks afterwards
  • Big volume imaging:
    • Youri Adolfs and Sara Brignani  (UMC Utrecht) “Studying brain development in 3D with light-sheet microscopy”
    • Anne Rios (Prinses Maxima Centrum / Wilhelmina Children’s Hospital, Utrecht) “Unravelling the cellular dynamics of breast development and cancer using state-of-the-art 3D imaging”
  • Program details, click here (pdf)


Additional activities 2017

  • ImageJ workshops: April 4th and October
  • Image competition 2017 (send images in October)
  • Special seminars that will be announced separately
  • Anniversary celebration of BioImaging Utrecht
  • 2017 overview, click for pdf.


Fiji / ImageJ workshop for advanced users: Tuesday 4 April 2017 – Location will be announced later

  • For those of you that are using ImageJ and have questions or difficulties in finding the right solutions for your images.
  • During this hands-on session our experts will guide you through your specific problem.
  • Please fill in the registration form and send it to meetings@bioimaging-utrecht.nl
  • Deadline for registration is 17th March. The available spots are limited, so be quick!
  • Program, click here (pdf):
    13:15 -15:00 Session 1
    15:00 -15:15 Coffee break
    15:15 -17:00 Session2

Winter Meeting: Tuesday February 7th

  • Buys Ballot Building room BBG209, 15.00-17.00, drinks afterwards
  • New technologies: Expansion microscopy
  • Carlos Sacristan (Hubrecht Instistute) “Expansion microscopy: the kinetochore gets bigger”
  • Eugene Katrukha (Utrecht University) “Forrest Gump and correlation methods for microscopy movie analysis”
  • Program details, click here (pdf).