2015 Seasonal Utrecht Microscopy Meeting

Autumn Meeting Tuesday November 24

  • UMC – Stratenum Building – Vondelzaal (Rm 3.108) 15.00 – 17.00, drinks afterwards
  • Jan Dijksterhuis (CBS – KNAW Biodiversity Centre, Utrecht)  “The magical world of fungi looked at through cryoSEM”
  • Sacha Agronskaia (Utrecht University) “Integrated correlative light and electron microscopy: why, how and where”
  • Rakesh Suman (Phase Focus Ltd. Sheffield, UK) “Ptychography: A label free imaging approach for phenotypic drug discovery”
  • The winner of the 2015 BioImaging Utrecht Image contest will be announced at the end of the meeting.
  • Program details, click here (pdf).
Image analysis for beginners using ImageJ (free multiplatform software)
Tuesday October 13th David de Wied building, room 042
  • If you want to start using ImageJ/FIJI and have no clue where to begin. Or you just started using it and got stuck.
  • During the hands-on session our experts will guide you through your specific problem.
  • Please fill in the registration form and send it to meetings@bioimaging-utrecht.nl
  • Deadline for registration is the 1st of October.
  • Be quick: the number of spots for the hands-on is limited.
  • Program:
    12:15 -13:00   Talk: Introduction to the basics of image analysis
    13:00 -15:00  Hands-on session 1
    15:00 -15:15   Coffee break
    15:15 -17:00   Hands-on session 2
Spring meeting “Live cell imaging” (Tuesday May 26th, 12.30-17.00)
Joined IB and Utrecht Microscopy Special seminar (Tuesday April 21st, 16.00-17.00, Vondelzaal, Stratenum3.108)
  • Yannick Schwab (Team leader and Head of Electron Microscopy Core Facility, EMBL, Heidelberg, Germany): “Fast and precise targeting of single tumor cells in vivo by multimodal correlative microscopy”
  • HOST: Judith Klumperman
  • Details, click here (pdf)
  • Drinks after the seminar
Program advanced ImageJ workshop (Tuesday April 7th, BBG 103 BuysBallot Building)
  • This workshop will not start with a talk, it will be hands-on only.
  • We will have three very experienced teachers to help you with any encountered problem.
  • Please be aware that we expect everybody that wants to register to have basic knowledge! (if you do not have that: in September there will be a beginners workshop).
  • If you want to participate send the completed form (click here to open/download) to
  • You will be notified when your registration is accepted.
  • We need to know in advance what problem you want to address so the
    teachers can prepare and you will get the most out of the workshop.
Scientific Seminar (March 3, 16:00-17:00, Hubrecht auditorium)
  • Paul Matsudaira (head of Mechanobiology Institute, Singapore): “Studying dynamics with an electron microscope”
    (drinks after the seminar)
Winter meeting (February 3)
  • William Frequet (Andortechnology) “From the fundamental of sensors to the fast and sensitive imaging technology”
  • Gerhard Blab (Utrecht University) “Quitting Confocal: Anisotropy Measurements on a Widefield Microscope”
  • Nikon Short talk: “Ti-LAPP illuminationsystem: ultimate application-drivenflexibility”
  • Program details, click here (pdf)
  • Live-Cell Imaging Workshop, February 3-5, for details, click here (pdf).