Our Mission

BioImaging Utrecht brings together research groups from

  • Utrecht University
  • University Medical Center Utrecht
  • Hubrecht Institute for Developmental Biology and Stem Cell Research

which either develop microscopy techniques or apply advanced microscopy technologies to study biological processes.

It is a platform for exchanging expertise and methodologies, and for creating access to the advanced microscopy techniques for the life science community in Utrecht. Through visualizing cells, subcellular structures, biological molecules and their interactions, we aim at deciphering networks that regulate biological processes across all organization levels – from nanoscale through the dynamic achitecture of the cell to the scale of development and functioning of multicellular organisms. This information is crucial for understanding disease mechanisms and for development of new drug leads and therapies.

By linking to NL BioImaging and EuroBioimaging, we aim to participate in building the European wide infrastructure for generating access to a broad range of cutting edge imaging technologies required for biological and biomedical research.