2023 Image competition

Dear all,

We have some very nice images that want to have a chance to win our 2023 Image competition.
Voting deadline: November 3rd 16:00!

You can give 1 vote for a light microscopy image and 1 for an EM image.
Please send the image numbers to: bioimaging.utrecht@gmail.com 
Prizes for this competition are kindly sponsored by: 


The prize ceremony will be Thursday November 9th. An invitation for that meeting will follow later.


Livio Kleij (CMM, UMCU)
Ilya Grigoriev (Cell Biology, UU)
Richard Wubbolts (CCI, DGK, UU)
Corlinda ten Brink (CMM CMC, UMCU)
Eva Mulder (CTI Core Facility Imaging, UMCU)
Dave van den Heuvel (Molecular Biophysics, UU)
Pim Toonen (Hubrecht Imaging Centre, Hubrecht)
Ravian van Ineveld (Prinsess Maxima imaging center, PMC)