2012 Seasonal Utrecht Microscopy Meeting

Winter meeting (January 31)

  • Jacco van Rheenen (Hubrecht laboratory Utrecht) “Intravital microscopy of metastasis through imaging windows at subcellular resolution”
  • Ihor Smal (Erasmus University Rotterdam) “Particle filtering methods for subcellular motion analysis”

Spring Meeting (May 22)

  • Judith Klumperman & Viola Oorschot (Cell Biology, UMC Utrecht) ”Correlative microscopy. Bridging the gap between light and electron microscopy”
  • Tobias Dansen (Molecular Cancer Research Lab, UMC Utrecht) “Seeing is Deceiving, Dreaming is Believing. About the do’s & don’ts in image acquisition and processing.”

Summer Meeting (August 28)

  • Lukas C. Kapitein (Cell biology, Utrecht University) “Super-resolution fluorescence microscopy. Theory, applications and available systems”
  • Johan de Rooij (Hubrecht Institute) “Automated image analysis and cell tracking. Methods to study HGF-induced malignant transformation”

Autumn Meeting (November 6)

  • David Egan (UMC Utrecht) “Automated Microscopy for High Throughput Functional Genomics & Chemical Biology”
  • C.Wyman (Erasmus University Medical Center) “See Me, Feel Me” I reveal my age in musical references and how to combine SFM and TIRF for molecular recognition in complex nucleoprotein complexes