Plasma cleaner

Plasma Cleaner 1


Plasma Cleaner 2

Eugene Katrukha and Bas Cloin are cleaning the cover glasses for the single molecule imaging


Primary tasks:
• Cleaning the cover glasses for the single molecule imaging

Model: Harrick Plasma Cleaner PDC-002

Includes a 6″ diameter x 6.5″ length Pyrex chamber and an integral switch for a vacuum pump. Its hinged cover features a magnetic closure and a viewing window. Applies a maximum of 30W to the RF coil. 1/8″ NPT needle valve to qualitatively control gas flow and chamber pressure. 1/8″ NPT 3-way valve to quickly switch from bleeding in gas, isolating the chamber, and venting.


Dr. Ilya Grigoriev
The head of the Biology Imaging Center
Division of Cell Biology, Department of Biology, Faculty of Science, Utrecht University

Room O-504
Padualaan 8, 3584 CH Utrecht,
The Netherlands