Super-resolution STORM/PALM home made system

Super-resolution STORM-PALM home made system
Lukas Kapitein is explaining the working principles of the custom-made super-resolution microscope


Primary tasks:
Single Molecule Fluorescence Microscopy, Total Internal Reflection Fluorescence
Microscopy, Super-resolution Microscopy (PALM, STORM), Scanning Stage Microscopy

Microscope: Nikon Eclipse Ti with Perfect Focus System

Nikon Apo TIRF 100x N.A. 1.49 oil
Nikon Plan Fluor 40x N.A. 1.30 oil

Beamsplitter: Optosplit 3 (allows simultaneous three-color imaging)

Andor Ixon EMCCD
Photometrics CoolSNAP HQ2 CCD

Cobolt Calypso 491 nm
Cobolt Jive 561 nm
PTI IQ1C30 639 nm
PTI IQ2C 405 nm

Stage: Applied Scientific Instrumentation MS-2000

Heating/CO2: Tokai Hit INUG2E-ZILCS Stage Top Incubator

Optical table: TMC High Capacity Lab Table

Software: Micromanager (

Other equipment:
Narishige NT-88-V3 micromanipulator
AA Acousto-optic tunable filter


Dr. Ilya Grigoriev The head of the Biology Imaging Center Division of Cell Biology, Department of Biology, Faculty of Science, Utrecht University

Room O-504 Kruytgebouw, Padualaan 8, 3584 CH Utrecht, The Netherlands +31-30-2533297