Biomolecular Imaging

The research of the Biomolecular Imaging group is directed towards development and application of methods and techniques enabling the investigation of samples for life sciences and material sciences research using light and electron microscopy.

One of our goals is to visualize cellular architecture and to localize individual macromolecules to better understand cellular processes.

Specific areas of expertise:

  1. Development and application of three-dimensional electron microscopy imaging techniques. Methods include electron tomography, slice and view, automation of electron microscope image acquisition and multi-dimensional image processing.
  2. Correlative light and electron microscopy. This is achieved by combining separate pieces of equipment or by integrating different imaging modalities in one setup.
  3. Development and application of specimen preparation techniques for light and electron microscopy. Methods include Tokuyasu cryo-sectioning, cryo-fixation (e.g. high-pressure freezing), freeze-substitution and immuno-gold labeling.

Biomolecular Imaging houses a fully equipped Electron Microscopy Infrastructure.


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