Cancer Biophysics at the Hubrecht Institute


Complications of metastasis, the process in which cells detach from the primary tumor to form new distant tumor sites, are the primary reason why women die from cancer. In the cancer biophysics lab at the Hubrecht Institute, we visualize and study metastasis in conditional mouse models that recapitulate human tumors by light-microscopy intravital microscopy (IVM) techniques. By combining imaging windows and two-photon microscopy, we are able to visualize single cells with subcelllular resolution over multiple days in a living mouse.

We can share expertise and offer help with advanced intravital imaging techniques such as:

  • Imaging windows, such as the mammary imaging window (MIW; Kedrin et al, Nat Meth 2008)
  • Multicolor two-photon microscopy
  • FRET intravital microscopy
  • FLIM intravital microscopy
  • Analysis and restoration of IVM images