Cell Biology


The department of Cell Biology of the UMC Utrecht is part of the Division of Biomedical Genetics. The department consists of eight research groups and two facilities, the Cell Microscopy Core and the Cell Screening Core.


The research of the department is performed by Judith Klumperman, Paul Coffer, David Egan, Anton Martens, Madelon Maurice ,Fulvio Reggiori, Peter van der Sluijs and Ger Strous. The research is performed on fundamental and translational biomedical topics. Please visit the department website for more details


The two technical facilities are available to research groups from within the UMC Utrecht, Hubrecht Institute and other interested parties. The CMC assists in microscopy-based research by providing access to state-of-the-art light and (immuno)-electron microscopy equipment, techniques and expertise. The CSC provides technological support to high throughput screening projects that require the use of automation. The focus of the CSC is on automated microscopy screens, so-called ‘High Content Screens’. The CSC makes use of libraries of chemical compounds, siRNAs and other reagents such as miRNAs and provides library management.



Department website : http://www.cellbiology-utrecht.nl/

Contact : Dr. George Posthuma, g.posthuma@umcutrecht.nl