Cell Biology

The division of Cell Biology at the Biology Department of the Faculty of Science includes several research groups which are actively using advanced fluorescent microscopy to unravel the mechanisms underlying cytoskeletal dynamics, membrane transport and signaling pathways that underlie cell proliferation and differentiation, neuronal development and synaptic plasticity.

We investigate cellular processes at a broad range of levels, from single molecules and protein networks to cells, tissues, and whole organisms. The division includes groups of Anna Akhmanova, Casper Hoogenraad, Paul van Bergen en Henegouwen, Esther de Graaff, Lukas Kapitein, Maarten Kole, Jan A. Post and Corette Wierenga. Microscopy equipment to which we provide access and training includes (links to microscopes).

We can share expertise and offer help with advanced fluorescent microscopy for imaging of:

  • Long-term imaging of mammalian cell migration, division and neuronal development
  • Multicolor imaging of cytoskeletal dynamics (microtubule, actin, intermediate filaments)
  • Multicolor imaging of vesicle transport, exocytosis and endocytosis
  • Protein turnover using FRAP
  • Use of photoactivation and photoswitching techniques for analysis of cellular dynamics
  • Analysis of single molecule dynamics in vitro and in cells
  • Photoablation of subcellular structures